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Wildlife Tours in Sri Lanka

Going on a unique and exciting holiday is all possible when you come and visit Sri Lanka and check out its wildlife packages so you can have an idea as to what to expect when you go there.

Making a trip to this country that is filled with beauty and richness in diversity will definitely give you a lifetime memory that you will never forget so better pack those bags for adventure and take on a different experience.

You can select from Sri Lanka’s list of wildlife tours which will surely fit in to your specifications as there are several different packages available.  If you are an outdoor type of person, there are packages that can offer you to stay in a tented bar while you watch hippos.  Some packages on the other hand can provide other services like helping preserve pink river dolphins while others will allow you to witness a grizzly bear swiping for salmon.

The tours available under the wildlife category also vary according to types.  There are packages that offer trips for groups such as for family or friends, and at the same time they also offer trips that are perfect for single travelers as well.  There are packages too that are good for a day and at the same time, if you have many hours to stay and can be there for a bit longer days, then you might want to try the 9 day package which will let you see several places that will show you its wildlife.

This kind of travel package usually includes hotel transfer, breakfasts, pick up from the hotel to take you to your destination, a guided tour and return to the hotel after the tour.  With the 9 day package, you can expect to really be on a nature trip as you ride on a small boat along the Hamilton canal and check out its very exciting and highly diversified flora and fauna that includes water birds such as heron and egret.  With this package, you get to have boat rides through lagoons and marshes.

Part of this adventure will let you be in a private jeep safari at Wilpattu National Park which is a large forested area that has a diverse flora and wildlife where you will be able to see deers, elephants, wild boars, sloths and leopards.  On another day, you will have a different experience as you get the chance to ride on an elephant’s back as you visit Anuradhapura, and after which you can have a choice whether to check out the Minneriya National Park or the Kandulla National Park.

There are also many water gardens and a great expanse of natural gardens around this exciting country.  Get to see the Udawattakele Sanctuary and get to have a walking trip inside the Sinharaja Rainforest which is known as the kingdom of lion, and also one of the last tropical rainforest standing.

Holiday in Sri Lanka is fun and adventure filled which is definitely worth trying