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Travel to Sri Lanka To See Beautiful Beaches

Travel to Sri Lanka To See Beautiful Beaches


Sri Lanka is home to some of the most pristine and picturesque beaches the world has ever seen. The country is home to a very long 1,600 kilometers of shorelines that are beautifully sun kissed and touched by clean crystal blue waters. All types of water sports lovers will certainly find something to do in the beaches of this fun filled country. A lot of tourists travel to Sri Lanka for its’ yachting, kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, S.C.U.B.A. diving and a lot more water sporting features.


The Northeast Monsoon and Southwest Monsoon winds are the two dominant wind systems that offer rain in the country. The Monsoon rains are what make this country a paradise for beach lovers almost the whole year round. When the Northeast Monsoon sweeps into season and brings rain in the Northern parts, the Southwestern part then becomes so sunny and windy thus offering the beach bum in everyone the chance to experience the beach life down south. And when the Southwest Monsoon winds blow into the land, it makes the Northwestern seas sunny and calm which then makes it a popular choice for water lovers during this time of the year.


Southern Sri Lanka is home to popular beaches namely Beruwala, Mirissa, Bentota, Unawatuna and Tangalla.


Although the Southern beaches have long been witnesses to the influx of tourists to its shore, the same cannot be said about those beaches located in the Northeast part of the country.


A lot of beaches in this part remain untouched by humans which could well be a good thing. Among those that have achieved a certain level of popularity, it is Arugam bay that has sit at the forefront of the Northeast beaches. Arugam Bay is home to travelers who love to surf. The next and only other popular beach in the region is Uppevelli Beach. In contrast to Arugam Bay, this beach is where those who seek simple fun in the sun activities go to.


For those who are going to visit the capital city of Colombo but would still want to pull in a quick visit to the nearest beach, you travel agents Melbourne can arrange in your itinerary a one day visit to Negamboo Lagoon which is located just North of Colombo.


The Northwest region also has a beach that has become a popular destination for tourists. It is called Alankuda Beach where watching Dolphins and Whales are the main activity.

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