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Travel to Sri Lanka and Visit Galle

If you are planning to spend the holidays in Sri Lanka, try talking to your travel agents Melbourne in coming up with your itinerary, especially if you are on a limited time and budget. It will certainly go a long way if you do a little research also on the internet on which places to visit.


Planning your trip should do you well and will make every day of your visit worth the while. Things you definitely should consider when visiting this country is to try and sneak some time at the beach. Then there the tea farms that you can visit.


Pettah is a short ride from the airport and has air-conditioned buses that will lead you to the city of Galle. The first trip starts at around 5 or 5:30 in the morning. There are non air-conditioned buses that ply the same route however it is just more comfortable to ride in an air-conditioned bus since Sri Lanka is a tropical country. The trip to Pettah from the Airport takes about an hour by cab.


Once you reach Pettah, you need to ask the question ‘AC to Galle?” or else people will not understand you.  This bus ride will cost about 2.5 AUD and the trip from Pettah takes about 2 and half hours.


Once you reach Galle bus terminal, there are hotels, hostels and other cheap accommodations that you can walk to. A lot of these establishments allow early check-in time for foreign visitors.  The staff of these accommodations are usually well trained and very friendly. These establishments usually offer breakfast.  After settling in and unpacking, then it is time to walk through the streets of beautiful Galle.


What to do when in Galle? A lot! The Galle Fort is one of the areas that has beautifully designed streets that any foreign visitor can walk on. Then at dusk, you need to get a good view point for one of the best sunset you will ever see in your life. The sunsets in this city usually last for about an hour or more. It comes in a variety of colors starting with the usual yellow-orange hue then changes into a surprising pink and purple. If you travel to Sri Lanka, try to catch an exciting game of Cricket as this is the considered the national past time of Sri Lankans.


The city is also known for its numerous restaurants and nightlife bars since people here love to eat and drink.



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