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Sri Lankan Tours

Sri Lanka has a thriving tourist industry with its out of the way location, tropical weather, pristine beaches, and historical sites. When visiting the country, it would be better to take Sri Lankan tours in order to better appreciate the sites and have a better appreciation of the country.


There are a lot of available Sri Lankan tours, there is always an organized tour which is within anybody’s budget and interest. For small group tours, there are packages called Cultural Sri Lanka, Treasures Sri Lanka, Circle Sri Lanka, Secrets of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Family-Elephant Paradise. For those who would like hiking and trekking, there is the Sri Lanka Adventure tour. For cyclists or those who enjoy riding a bicycle, there is the Sri Lanka by Bike tour. Tourists with a taste for adventure would want the Kerala, Sri Lanka and Maldives Journey. These are just some of the more popular tours on the island. For a traveller who would want to experience more, getting in touch with a travel agent would help in creating their own unique Sri Lankan tours.


Sri Lanka is unique in several ways. First off, it has a long history and a rich culture. Three thousand years of a civilized culture has left behind hundreds of heritage sites as a testament to its history. As a tropical island, it is possible to get from one end of the island to another by train, all in one day. The beaches are literally all over the place. If you don’t like the beach you’re staying in, you can pack up your things and move to the other side of the island. Inland is mainly plains, with the highlands at the southwest portion of the country.


Adding to the uniqueness of the country is the local flora and fauna. Among the Sri Lankan parks and reserves which are worth the visit are Yala National Park; Udawalawe National Park for elephant watching; Kumana National Park and Bundala National Park for bird watching; Wasgamuwa National Park; Wilpattu National Park which is famous for leopards; Minneriya National Park which is famous for elephants; Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage; and the Udawalawe Elephant Transit Centre.


Sri Lankan is the third largest exporter of tea in the world. Sri Lankan tea is also considered as one of the finest teas. Although the country is primarily agricultural, it is also famous for its gemstones, including, garnets, sapphires, rubies, moonstones, aquamarines and topazes.

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