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Sri Lanka Tours

The world is one exciting place where there are many areas to explore.  There are just simply so many that perhaps one lifetime is not enough to explore it.  One country for example that is abundant with natural resources and rich in culture and history, but something that many people has not taken much notice is Sri Lanka.
This country which is called the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, is truly one hidden paradise as not a lot people has gone here to travel and get to know this amazing place.  Surrounded with pristine beaches, highly diverse biodiversity and a rich heritage, Sri Lanka is definitely one country that we should not miss out in our itinerary for adventures.
There are many tours and packages that are available for Sri Lanka so you will certainly have the chance to choose which package is best for you and your family.  Depending on the kind of trip that you are going to have, for sure you will find something in Sri Lanka as they have a wide variety of adventures to choose from.  You can do a Colombo City tour or explore its ancient cities such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya and learn about its ancient past and culture; or you may also opt to get a safari adventure where you can opt to camp or simply have a tour and have a close encounter with some safari animals.
Get to know more about its culture and explore their cuisine by going on a food trip.  Taste the spicy curries and experience the freshness of the seafood, also try their sweet desserts and enjoy a whole new level of culinary treat.  Aside from the usual tours, Sri Lanka can also offer a spiritual tour which can take you to some of its spiritual spots like the Boddhi Tree which is said to be where Buddha sat and became the Enlightened One. There is also the Adam’s Peak which is the most popular pilgrimage spot in Sri Lanka and the Dewatagaha Mosque which is known to be the oldest mosque in this country.
When in Sri Lanka, there are two types of transportation that you can ride on to see the city.  You can ride the bicycle to go around or take the train to fully experience Sri Lankan culture.  Accommodation is also not a concern as there are many different types of lodging available.  There are the guesthouses, the small hotels and of course there are also hotel chains so you can choose which one will be best for your budget.
Do shop for their spices as you can find most of it only in this place, get a hold of the local fabrics and handicrafts, or get an antique, jewelry or silver at a low price.
Come during the Vesak Festival to celebrate Buddha’s birthday because this day is filled with an assortment of activities, or you may also visit during Esala Perahera which is a fun, loud and colorful celebration.

Holiday Packages

As soon as it comes to your mind that the holidays are upon us, you will start making all kinds of holiday plans in advance. Having such a short amount of time ahead of you, you might get confused about where you want to go. However, using holiday packages can be of great help in making this task easy for you. Using holiday packages is both enjoyable and affordable. Whatever your desired destination might be, the holiday packages will take into account your plan and budget, and using them will design the perfect trip for you. Using holiday packages you can visit almost any destination around the world without exceeding your budget.
Some of the destinations that you might want to go to can be available for tourists during the course of the whole year, while others might be appropriate to visit only during a certain season. In addition, there are many places that are great for a holiday, however because they are not quite so famous not many people go there. This is why many governments take the necessary steps to promote these places and get the attention of the tourists. One such way of getting the attention of tourists is through the use of holiday packages. Many holiday packages have been designed in a way that will bring to your attention places which are not so famous, however they still have the same potential as their more widely known counterparts. Holiday packages usually work by promoting such kinds of places with cheap deals and great tours that tourists will find hard to resist.
Usually holiday packages include everything from sightseeing to accommodations, and many other things in between. The different holiday packages available will always come with different kinds of services available, depending on the plan that you have and on the budget that you are willing to spend during your vacation. Therefore, your most probably best option would be to take the time and compare all of the available holiday packages in order to choose the one that suits your requirements the most. In order to attract even more tourists, many hotels and airlines are willing to further lower their accommodation and airfare rates respectively. Today, with the power of the Internet, you can go online and check all of the available deals with just the clicks of a few buttons. Thanks to the evolution of technology you can now compare all of the available holiday packages, not just from one company but from all of them, and see which one is the best for you, while in the meantime you are in bed, or drinking coffee on your couch.
The main focus of the holiday packages is to keep you interested and find a way to meet your preferences. If you are a person who loves adventure travel, you can choose from one of the many adventure packages available. This kind of holiday packages includes the likes of sport activities such as river rafting, parasailing, mountaineering, air ballooning, trekking, and more. On the other hand, if you want to spend your marriage anniversary or another similar special event with your significant other, and you want to do it with style then you can choose one of the many weekend getaway packages or romantic packages available. They will usually comprise of visiting a location known for its many couple activities available. Once you are there, you will be able to spend your time together with your loved one and celebrate your occasion in a truly marvellous way. Another kind of holiday packages that has been enjoying a decent amount of popularity are pilgrimage packages. They involve travelling to all of the pilgrim centres around a country and can be really fun if you are into it. Other holiday packages that you will be able to find include wildlife packages, with which you can explore the great and rich flora and fauna of a certain country you are interested in visiting.
As you can see, there are many options to choose from when it comes to holiday packages. Although the idea of all the types of holiday packages is the same – to provide you with cheap prices and great experiences, they greatly vary depending on the theme that you pick.