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Sri Lanka: An Ultimate Destination

To give you an exciting and a one of a kind adventure, check out travel and tours to Sri Lanka packages and prepare to have a grand vacation in a destination which is unique and beautiful that is Sri Lanka.  Known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, this ultimate destination seems to have all kinds of adventures waiting.  From cultural enrichment to learning about history as well as nature tripping, Sri Lanka has everything for you.

There are a variety of travel and tours to Sri Lanka packages available and for sure, you will be able to find something that will pique your curiosity and awaken your thirst for adventure.  Whichever package you choose, you will certainly bring home very fond memories. Give yourself the chance to marvel at Sri Lanka’s rich diversity of astounding views and experience and at the same time, immerse yourself in their culture to get a full encounter of this amazing country.

Choose a package that will take you around Sri Lanka so you can have a closer glimpse of its wonderful past and heritage as the tour usually includes a trip to Kandy, which is Sri Lanka’s oldest city that holds the temple of the tooth relic, and also take the opportunity to visit the orphanage for elephants, which is another interesting place to see.  Also get the chance to visit Polonnaruwa where you can find the well preserved ruins of the city which was once Sri Lanka’s capital between 11th and 13th Century.  Except for the tour to take you to Anuradhapura where you can find some remnants of the palaces, temples and monasteries that existed in their distant past.

Sri Lanka is a great place to be in at any time of the year because there is plenty of sunshine all year round as it is a tropical country, so might as well bring your favorite swimwear just in case you get lured by its pristine waters.  If however you want to experience a cooler climate, then you can simply head out to its hilly part where the temperature drops to below 10 degree C.  Cotton clothes are the most advisable piece of clothing to wear so you can properly deal with the temperature.

When in Sri Lanka, do not fail to visit the ancient sites as well as the scared ones and it is a must to check out the 8 world heritage sites that are recognized by UNESCO.

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