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Having a freight forwarding service, Skyway Cargo allows you to send off your cargo to anywhere in the world.  Sending boxes to Sri Lanka is never a problem as the main office is located in this wonderful country.  To be able to cater to more countries and to more clients, Ceylon Shipping Lines also has offices in some parts of Australia.
Our freight forwarding company transports your parcels and other shipment by air or sea.  You can entrust your freight requirements to us because we have been in operation for many years now; this gives us the credibility and confidence to keep doing what we do best. This means then that your cargo is in good hands.
Leave your shipment to the caring hands of our professional staff that provide great expertise in the field, and take advantage of its latest computer network resources.  More than being able to provide great services in terms of shipping your package, it also offers very reasonable prices.
Skyway Travel Group Inc lets you enjoy the convenience of having cargo and freight shipments as it covers almost all the concerns with regards to freight forwarding such as fast clearing and forwarding, cargo and crew handling, and port operations.  We can provide bunkers as well as organize surveys.  More than these, other services include coordinating repairs of the ships, and at the same time takes care of the import and the export concerns.
As of the present, our company already has about 25 cargo partners around the world and has a complete and well equipped warehouse compound, but since the company is progressive, it never ceases to grow and improve.  In fact, we still strive to add more ships to be able to provide a much better service to Sri Lanka’s sea freight requirements which involves, freight and also petroleum crude oil.
Given that Ceylon Shipping Lines offers all the sea freight needs and concerns, it is then a great opportunity to try our services to validate the quality of our expertise.  Having tons of freight and cargo to ship out is a daily sight with our company.  In fact, we have about 300 consignees that are shipped through our vessels.
Skyway Cargo’s facilities are being used by the most important carriers to clear, process as well as deliver in bound freight or cargo.  With us, you are sure of quality service and great customer support all the time.