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Nature of Sri Lanka

If you are a nature lover, you might just want to discover and stumble upon this great country known as Sri Lanka and allow yourself to be enthralled by its fantastic biodiversity.  Although it is one of the smallest countries to be found in Asia, it is by far one of the most biologically diverse.
In fact because of the wide assortment of its ecosystem which is classified into grassland, cultivated, marine, coastal, forest and aquatic, it has become a home to many habitats which include a wide variety of genetic diversity as well.
When you travel to this exciting country, you will simply be amazed in the abundance of its flora and fauna as well as their native habitats.  Since it has an enormous biodiversity, this country then also has the largest rates for biological endemism in the entire universe.
If you are in Sri Lanka and is the type who goes highly for nature trip, then this trip is something that will definitely be for you as your eyes will simply be filled with so many things spectacular.  Among the many animals that this country has are sloth, monkeys, heron, leopards, peacocks, crocodiles, snakes, fishes, dolphins, some types of sharks, frogs, turtles and elephants that are of different breed as they are a sub specie of the Asian elephant which has its very own distinctive trait.
When you get to this country, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the richness of the diversity of species.  With amphibians alone for example, there are already 140 known species, and about over 50 freshwater crabs, and it is just a glimpse of what you can expect to see from this amazing place.  Do not forget that there are still other species such as reptiles and mammals.
To protect the wildlife of those in private areas, there are sanctuaries to ensure their safety.  It also has about 501 areas that are secured by Department of Forest Conservation as well as the Department of Wildlife Conservation.  Among these are the Sinharaja Forest Reserve which is a National Heritage Forest and the Knuckles Mountain Range which is one of the 32 forests under conservation.
Aside from the animals, there is also a great diversity in plants which also has its own endemism.  Nature in Sri Lanka is truly one of the best and definitely a must see especially for both the animal and plant lovers because for sure, they will encounter species that are only unique to this country and never will they be found anywhere else in the world.
Plan your tours very well before you come to this wonderful place so that are you sure that you will be able to cover the most significant areas because you certainly do not want to miss the most essential ones.  Should you have time constraints, then it might also be a good opportunity for you to come back and further explore this interesting country because you may simply not have enough of this place.