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India must be most famous for the Taj Mahal which was built in the 1600s in memory of the late wife of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and considered to be one of the most outstanding architectural structures ever built; however, India is fast becoming a popular tourist destination particularly among those who are seeking to find inner peace, serenity, and harmony given the country’s rich culture and intent focus on religion and spirituality. In fact, the ashrams of India even became more popular not only among pilgrims but also with other wandering tourists because of the best-selling non-fiction book, “Eat, Pray, Love” where the author Elizabeth Gilbert spent some time in India after a tragic divorce and found the peace she was looking for. India was so highlighted in the book (not to mention it was made into a movie which no less than Julia Roberts starred in) that it created more than enough curiosity for people to actually visit the country.
For those living in first-world countries all their lives, a trip to India at least once in their lives could truly help them grow as persons and as inhabitants of this planet. Being India will give someone a different perspective in life and would most likely help in realizing what are the most essential things and what one should be most be grateful of. Furthermore, witnessing India’s different religious festivals would be enough for any traveller to get the feel of the real soul of the country. Such festivals include the fall Festival of Lights or what is called Diwali. It is fascinating to see since it creates a fairyland even to the most impoverished villages because of the vast number of lanterns, candles and fireworks. Another is Holi, a holiday in spring where the markets are filled with powdered dyes that are used to pelt everybody thus creating a burst of color and life. The sight of faithful pilgrims expressing their devotion to the River Ganges during sunrise may not be a festival scene per se but seeing these people against centuries old temples in the background is enough to astound any onlooker.
Whether you are religious person, one who is struggling to find inner peace or simply somebody who loves to travel and learn from other culture then you should start planning your next trip to India. This country has something to offer for every tourist be it amazing architectural structures, picturesque landscapes, as well as interesting religious and exotic sites.