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Heritage of Sri Lanka

Come to Sri Lanka and witness the richness of its history and culture and you might just find yourself simply amazed as it also has its glorious past that dates back from around 3,000 years.  Its past has its own interesting stories to tell so it is best that you know about it firsthand by finding time to visit this wonderful county.

Plan a holiday trip and explore this exotic place so you can see the site of one of the oldest civilizations that has ever existed in the history.  In its exalted past, there used to be organized cities, enormous palaces, monasteries, temples, monuments, reservoirs that were made by skilled men and of course the great works of art which reveals the opulent lives of the monarchy back then.

These amazing structures were crafted in detail and formed out of stone lay, but which are now taken for granted and unnoticed inside the thickness of Sri Lanka’s jungle.  Aside from this, this interesting country is also the home to some very old cities such as Anuradhapura which is a popular ancient city that had been the country’s longest capital in its entire history dating from 4th Century BC to the start of the 11th Century.  It was also considered as a sacred city of the Buddhists from around the world.

Amazing and beautiful history in Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura at its time was one of the most balanced and strong centers of politics and metropolitan life in the whole of South Asia.  Another ancient city that is part of this country is Sigiriya which was a citadel in the 5thCentury AD.  Sigiriya had water gardens which hosted some landscaping elements that were advanced for its time, and at the same time, it had ancient murals as well.

Polonnaruwa is the second oldest kingdom, and which had exceptional irrigation systems.  Digamadulla is another oldest city which became the center of spirituality and agriculture at the time of Anuradhapura dynasty.  Kandy on the other hand was the last kingdom and was a proof of Sri Lanka’s defiance that in spite of the many attacks and hardships caused by the Portuguese, it was able to rise again and for 500 years more was able to preserve the carefully carved and crafted houses, palaces and temples.

This country is also a home to several magnificent dome shaped architectures so it is then high time that we take the chance to travel to this great city and further get to know the richness of its history and culture.  Perhaps when we get there, we would certainly be reminded of how this country once flourished and thrived, and in the same way, we may also be able to find something that would help us understand its culture as well as its people.

It is then a great opportunity to give ourselves the pleasure of knowing this spectacular country that is not only filled with a rich culture, but is also filled with so many things that are simply beautiful like its biodiversity.