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Facts about Sri Lanka

Little is known about Sri Lanka, especially for those who do not have any business with it, we would not really find time to learn about it.  But once you get a hand on some information about this interesting country, you will definitely be enticed to come and who knows you might even spend your next holiday in this country.

Before you travel to Sri Lanka, take some time to know some things about it so that when you get there, you will not be totally at a loss but instead you will be able to understand them and their culture better.  Also try to save money by checking out the travel and tours packages so you can get the best offer for your trip.

Sri Lanka is formally known as Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.  It is an island country that is located in the northern Indian Ocean, and is also called as “the pearl of the Indian Ocean”.  The languages used in this country are Sinhala and Tamil.  Its capital is Sri Jayawardenpura Kotte, a town that is found in Colombo, the biggest city in the country.

It was known as Ceylon until 1972 and its nautical borders are India to its northwest and the Maldives in its southwest.  Sri Lanka’s history reaches up to 3,000 years old and is a home to various religions and cultures.  Different ethnicities live here as well such as the Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Tamils, Moors, Malays, Kaffirs, Burghers, and the Vedda, so when you decide to stay here for the holiday, be prepared to meet people of various races which will then make your trip an even more exciting one.

Sri Lanka is known to have an abundance of Buddhist legacy.  This country is also essential with regards to some produce such as tea, coffee, gems, cinnamon, coconut and rubber.

When you travel to Sri Lanka, aside from an interesting history, it also offers several things to do for tourists as it has many splendid beaches, safaris, national parks, as well as whale watching, nature trails and even have gardens for the spices.  You may also check if the travel and tours agency that you are booking with have some itineraries such as Colombo city tour, adventure sports or other adventure tours.

For sure, there are many activities there that would perfectly meet your specifications and suit your personality.  Do try to be specific on what kind of trip you would like to experience so that you can also be properly guided.  A trip to Sri Lanka would definitely be worth it, so when you get there, simply enjoy the breathtaking sights and take all the experiences that you can get.

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