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An Exotic Taste of Sri Lanka

Not many people may be familiar with Sri Lankan cuisine because compared to the dishes that come from India and the Southeast Asia which are highly popular, dishes from Sri Lanka definitely takes a low profile.  But it does not mean that they are less delectable, in fact Sri Lankan cuisine is without a doubt very interesting and equally exciting as much as mouthwatering like the two previously mentioned cuisines.

Because of its tactical location, as Sri Lanka is situated between the east and the west, a lot of cultures have definitely influenced this island, from the culture down to the food.  Among those who have certainly gave much influence to Sri Lankan cuisine are the Dutch, English, Arab, Portuguese, Indian and Malay, but perhaps of all these influences the one that is really close to the Sri Lankan palate is the Southern Indian State of Kerala because of their use of coconut milk in curries, as well as their fascination for seafood.

Sri Lankan food has a very interesting taste in the sense that it is rich in spices as Sri Lankans are fond of using roasted curry powder, hotter chilies, sambal and the like.  Rice and curry are the most preferred food in this part of the world, and what makes it even more fascinating is that every cook has his own version of Sri Lanka’s most popular food combination.

Sri Lanka’s rice and curry usually consists of spiced dishes that are made from meat which is usually chicken, fish and vegetables that are completed with sambal, pappadoms and chutneys.  With this dish, one may expect to find a side dish of sweet and sour eggplant, marinated snake beans, curried beet root, jackfruit, okra or banana blossom and velvety dahl.

While rice and curry are the primary choice of Sri Lankans, they still have a lot more dishes to boast of such as hopper which is a crispy bowl- shaped pancake that is made with rice flour.  This popular dish is recommended to be eaten with fried egg that is cooked inside, then finish it with either a sambal or chutney then you have a truly satisfying dish.

Another delicious dish from Sri Lanka is called the Lamprais which may not sound appealing but definitely a winner in taste as it means for lump and rice, but what it is actually made of is that it is made from rice, meat and vegetables that are carefully and slowly baked in a banana leaf.

More than culture, food is definitely something to look forward to in Sri Lanka.

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